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The Area

France is split into 22 mainland regions, each of which in turn is split into administrative departments or counties. The property we offer is in La Manche, which is the most westerly of the five departments that make up Normandy. The maps below are provided to help you pinpoint the location of the property.


Map of France with the general area of the property indicated
This overview map of France shows Normandy with the general area of the property marked with the orange circles. The map also shows the four main ports best suited for accessing this area - St Malo, Cherbourg, Caen and Le Havre. These ports all have regular sailings from the UK and Ireland, see getting there for more info.

For more general info about France, see here.

Normandy & La Manche

Normandy itself is split into two areas, Upper and Lower, with the Lower area consisting of the three departments of La Manche, Calvados and Orne. In Normandy you can visit the famous tapestry at Bayeux, the pretty harbour at Honfleur, Claude Monet's now famous garden at Giverny and of course the world famous Mont Saint Michel with its breathtaking views from the ramparts.

La Manche, which actually means The Channel, is very much a maritime department with over 300 kms of varied coastline stretching from the Bay of Mont Saint Michel to the Cotentin Peninsula. The contrasting seaside with cliffs, pebbly coves and long stretches of golden sands makes it a very attractive destination for the holidaymaker.

Inland, magnificent forests, tranquil streams and apple orchards are the hallmark of this sedate and fruit producing region.

This map shows the three departments of Lower Normandy with the location of the Carolles apartment marked.


The property is near the beautiful thermal resort city of Granville. Built on a rocky spur, the Upper City possesses an architectural collection of many remarkable buildings including old picturesque homes and mansions from the 16th and 17th centuries and the Church of Notre Dame dating from the 15th to the 17th century.

The "Pointe du Roc" has an outstanding coastal view, including the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and the Chausey Islands. Also at Granville you can visit the house and garden of Christian Dior, the Aquarium at Pointe du Roc and the popular casino.

Granville is also the main watersports centre in the area and the departure point for the ferries to Jersey and the Chausey Islands.

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